Energy as a Service

Senapt’s Energy-as-a-Service (SenaptEaaS) platform is a customer-centric, purpose-built end-to-end solution for energy supply management.

As a paradigm shift for the energy supply market, Senapt EaaS provides energy suppliers looking to leverage the new Smart Energy World with a SOLID platform from which they can launch new products and service.

SenaptEaaS puts winds in your sails to take on the new rapidly evolving energy world.


Meet the Senapt EaaS

Built to address today’s pains, Senapt EaaS is helping challenger suppliers optimise operational processes using best of breed cloud and mobile business applications.

Fitting square pegs into a round holes is a fools errand. Do you prefer cross-platforms, mobile first apps over clunky desktop applications? Does your business need slow and painful enterprise software licensing agreements from vendors who have hostages not customers? Or would you prefer flexible pricing like you get with your favourite XaaS platforms?

Senapt EaaS has a business architecture that delivers a win for all the stakeholders: the customer, the supplier and Senapt. Our innovative cloud-native platform and consumption-based pricing has minimal upfront costs. Essentially suppliers only pay for what they use and this benefits everyone.


Work smarter, stay ahead

Senapt EaaS helps you stay at the forefront of an increasingly complex energy market with an innovative range of features to help you efficiently respond to customer needs and maximise engagement.

Senapt EaaS has been architected by software experts who are bringing a fresh perspective to the energy market. Features include:

  • Embedded analytics for consumers
  • Tariffs and contracts management
  • Billing and payments management
  • Integrated with standard industry platforms
  • Horizontally scalable for portfolios of any size
  • AI powered debt management
  • Data driven billing errors management

Customisable and adaptable

Our cloud native focus allows the Senapt EaaS to be scaled dynamically to meet the needs of any supplier workflow. If you are one of the “Big 6” suppliers or a start up supplier the platform can be customised to fit your needs and Senapt’s future centric approach ensures that you are always one step ahead.

In the emerging future, energy consumer will expect more than basic energy supply services. Utility companies will offer holistic and comprehensive services that address consumer needs around electric vehicle, self-generation, energy storage and demand side response. All of this has to be coupled with a mobile first and social network centric customer experience. Senapt EaaS is designed, from the ground up, to deliver exactly that.

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